Meet The Team

Wayne Debnam

Hi my name is Wayne Debnam and i'm the Founder of Lifestyle Changes Personal Training and Rehabilitation.

I have been involved in sports coaching and training for over thirty years; initially as a Personal Trainer and then as a Physical Education Instructor in the services.

I have been a coach in most major sports and have a vast experience in training; groups, teams and individuals.

Whether your goal is based around weight loss, weight gain, improving fitness, vanity, to recover from an injury or you play a particular sport and need an extra boost, I can work with you and help you achieve your goals.

I am also able to help anyone who is in need of Rehabilitation.

I run a scheme for individuals who have suffered from an illness or injury, or have had an operation and need guidance to gaining strength back physically and mentally.

I have worked with clients, who have due to Covid-19 have been hospitalised on a ventilator for several weeks and are now, after working with me on the road to recovery.

Clients who have, following accidents and injuries, with my assistance are now getting back to a normal way of living.

Can I assist you in your road to recovery?

If the answer is yes, please get in contact today.

Ellie Debnam

I'm Ellie and I work alongside Lifestyle Changes PT in my very own beauty room.

Here I offer a variety of Luxury Spa Treatments including: Facials, Massage, Waxing, Eyebrow Treatments and Eyelash Treatments.


My journey started at The London College Of beauty Therapy which then led me to becoming a Spa Therapist at a five star hotel. Here I was using luxury products and it gave me the experience and confidence I needed to be able to start up on my own! 

I have researched a lot into finding the best products and I feel I have found a brand in which you will all love..

Elliegance Beauty is in the heart of Cuckfield in West Sussex right next to the beautiful Golf Course. 

So get in touch, and enjoy some well needed 'YOU time..' and i'll look forward to hearing from you!


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