"Working with Wayne has helped me massively with my core strength and my fitness, allowing me to continue playing football when I thought I would have to retire. The improvement over the past few months is visible to see allowing me to lift double my starting weights. Wayne pushes me to the limits which I know I wouldn't achieve at a standard gym. Super chuffed with the help and support Wayne offers."

Andy Howard: Lifestyle Changes PT and Circuit Sessions


"I would recommend Wayne for personal training to anyone who wants to improve their golf. It is a totally different approach. Wayne has focused my personal training on strength and flexibility to compliment my traditional type golf lessons with my golf professional. I have found that it has helped with posture and my muscles are more toned. Overall I am so pleased with the results so far having improved my golf swing and hitting the ball further."
Darren Stone: Lifestyle Changes PT and Circuit Sessions


"I have been training with Wayne for over a year now and have really improved my overall strength and fitness in that time. I am a keen Mountain-biker and am now able to ride further and faster than ever before. Wayne has even helped me prepare for a 250km ride across the Sierra Nevada- something I wouldn't have ever considered before! Wayne has a great training style- always enthusiastic, encouraging and attentive to make sure you get the most out of every session."

Paul St John: Lifestyle Changes PT and Circuit Sessions


"So I started at 21 stone and now down to 14 stone 5.
Started at 42 inch waist, now down to 36 inches.
Started with 35kg bench press, now doing 120kg.
Started with 50kg squat, now doing 135kg.
Proof is in the results, Wayne is an amazing Personal Trainer. Thanks Wayne for all your support."

Patrick Murphy: Lifestyle Changes PT and Circuit Sessions